Skateboard Speedometer by inventED

Bluetooth Skateboard Speedometer in a 3D-printed housing, communicating with an Android App made with Processing.

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In this project i will realize to develop a complete product:

-Speedometer(based on Arduino with bluetooth module, hall sensor and LiPo battery)
-3D-Printed Housing(this Speedomerter should to work for streetskating, grinding & sliding)
-Arduino program for Speedometer
-Android App made with Processing

First impression;):

When the wheel is turning a bar magnet(drilled a hole and put it in the wheel) is passing hall sensor and a revolution can be recognized. That´s the way it works. Sending the data to smartphone via bluetoothHC-05(will change to 4.0 BLE).
In the app you can read the speed(kmh), distance(m) and wheel revolutions. My app is still missing max speed, average speed.......

For now my app got no features exept

showing kmh, distance and wheel revolutions.

I would like to add:

-Battery indicator(battery status of the Speedometer)

-funktion to reset revolutions and distance-> in the app

-save revolutions and distance in eeprom of atmega 328

-max speed, average speed......usual speedometer features

Further i want to imrpove the Speedometer:

-using Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (already ordered some CC2541 modules)

-improving battery efficiency with another hall sensor (u18 already ordered)

-when all hardware is finally set i would like to make an layout and my own circuit board

Thanks to Till & Consti for the help!

Processing Android Mode sketch with Folder.

Zip Archive - 1.33 MB - 04/18/2016 at 22:44



Arduino sketch for the Speedometer.

ino - 883.00 bytes - 04/18/2016 at 22:42


Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 1.61 MB - 03/16/2016 at 01:07


  • 1 × Arduino Pro Mini 8mhz 3.3v version
  • 1 × Bluetooth Module HC-05
  • 1 × LiPo Battery 150mAh 3,7v
  • 1 × Hall Sensor
  • 1 × Android Smartphone

  • Update

    edbraun01/30/2017 at 21:50 0 comments


    long time ago since my last update. I made a cover for my Shapeoko so that i can mill with high RMP without getting deaf. I learned how to create PCBs Layouts with Target3001, learned how to mill two sided PCBs with my Shapeoko, and made myself a Internet Site:

    Now i'm done with my first 2 prototype PCBs. Maybe i have to make one more smaller layout, so it will fit nicely under the truck. Next step is a smaller PCB and a fitting housing. Then i need some more focus on my Android app. Have a look on my new PCBs:

  • "Klick-slide mechanism"

    edbraun04/18/2016 at 22:20 0 comments


    i made some improvements on my housing.

    Neodym magnets do not work because only the rod through the truck is magnetic, not the truck itself. Shame on me... so i came back to my other 2 ideas: screwing or gluing. But i don´t like the idea to leave the Speedometer all the time at the truck. So i decided to make a "klick-slide mechanism", so i can fix a holder with glue or a screw constantly at the truck. This was much work for me but i think it works realy good for now, hopefully strong enough for street skating. I did a acetone vapor bath with the 3D-Printed housing to make it stronger. Also made a video that shows the click mechanism. Will get this week some silikone, i think this will be a good option to glue the holder on the truck. I´m looking forward to test it with some tricks;-).

    Here are some pictures:

  • Housing on Thingiverse

    edbraun03/26/2016 at 14:35 0 comments

    Hey Guys,

    I put the housing files on Thingiverse. The housing is still under improvement and not realy useable.

    Thanks for interest on my projekt!

  • New Housing....

    edbraun03/20/2016 at 22:19 0 comments


    my new housing is ready. There are still some things to improve. I need an liitle nice on/off switch..... and a good connector instead of the pins. But first i got something else to figure out:

    How to keep the housing on the truck?

    I got three things i wanna try:

    1. using a big magnet in the housing to keep it on the truck
    2. double sided adhesive tape
    3. or a screw through the truck

    If anybody got another idea please let me know.

    Some pictures of my new 3d-printed housing:

    Bye! Have a good week!

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Neon22 wrote 06/19/2016 at 02:57 point

so whatt are you finding for the speed vs wheel diameter ?
Is it mapping to expected speeds, and distances based on circumference (PI * D).

of course the magnet is not at the outside edge so you have modified calculation...

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Chris wrote 03/23/2016 at 23:14 point

Hi Ed, that speedometer you made for your board is real cool, have you tried it on a longboard? Or maybe try using longer trucks, you will have more space on the truck axle ito attach it. I ride a sector 9 longboard, with independent trucks that are next to longest trucks on the market. Maybe if you ran some zip ties around it, that might help to hold it on too

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edbraun wrote 03/26/2016 at 14:48 point

Hey Chris thank you for your interest! I´m also riding independent trucks....but about 8inch. Back in the days i used to skate a lot of i decided to make a solution which you can also use on a street skateboard with no limitation in grinding and sliding. In the moment i´m not at this point;). But the housing is already out of the way for grinds and slides. But how to fasten the housing on the truck is now my chalenge. 

Using zip ties doesn´t work due to the shape of the ties will always slide to the wheel.

As you can see i used in my video insulating tape to keep it on the truck, this worked realy good but is no solution.

Maybe you can give me the measurements of your trucks and i can made another version aswell?

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