Design idea currently in its infancy, basically uses multiple existing (and relatively cheap) technology for 3D projection of pc's screens.

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So I was poking around on instructables and found this:

Basically, it takes a CCD sensor from an old tray scanner and uses RF LED's to triangulate the location of your finger on a plate of glass.

Then my mind remembered this:

It is actually legit, and uses some pretty cool science to pull it off, so I figured, why not combine the two and make a 3-dimensional projection monitor for pc's? So that's what this is!

so for quite a while I've been interested in holographic projection, much like this:

It completely blew my mind that you can do this, and so I began digging into it, and it kept itching at me. After a while I sort of dropped it, distracted by high-school etc. until I found this just a few days ago:

And the design seemed to just click.

By modifying the outputs of three of the monitors to display in orientations like in the video and then using them as the image projection system for an entire OS, sealing the entirety in a box that uses CCD sensors to make them transparent touch screens, and modifying it in such a way that it controls a mouse in Windows or Linux allows for an amazing display for actually rather cheap. This also can be rather simple to modify, using this same method, with a simple paper cube in the middle of the projection area and three more computers, and it becomes a computer station for four computers, rather than the 3D projection system for one computer.

Drawings and details will be added and refined as the design and project makes progress, thanks for taking a look at this

  • 4 × Computer monitors The monitors intended for use in this project are 14x11&5/8ths inches.

  • Money, It's a thing

    Garrett04/18/2016 at 16:30 0 comments

    OK, so I know it's been a while since my last posting on this, but don't worry, the project isn't dead... yet.

    I've done all kinds of research for acrylic sheets (I've narrowed that down to be the cheapest compared to alternative materials) and still the total quantity of said acrylic sheets come out to about 792 dollars. that's because I need 8, and the closest hardware store sells the size I need for $99.00 each.

    So money seems to be a huge issue, and even if I succeed in constructing one of these things, would I have a reason for investing so much money into this for my own personal use? I could go about and try to turn a profit on it... but there are other 3D projection screens that look like normal monitors and sell for about $1500 if I remember correctly.

    If I were to buy two more computer screens of identical proportions that would bump me up to over $800, plus a powered display cable spliter, and wood for the actual frame... lets say that pushes the cost for me to build to about $900. If I were to actually try and turn a profit on this design, the price for YOU to actually buy one might be $1,200-$1,300 and that's just bare minimum relating to things like:

    • time spent building a Holoptic Unit
    • price of all materials / services that may be involved in constructing a Holoptic Unit
    • sending / delivering a completed Holoptic Unit


    • price of all materials / services that may be involved in constructing a Holoptic Unit
    • Price of creating, illustrating, and otherwise making a legible instruction manual for Holoptic Unit.
    • price packaging and sending components of a Holoptic Unit to send to purchaser.

    so maybe I'm approaching this way to money-centric, but honestly, if I build one of these for me I don't think it would be worth it, I have better things to spend my money on (like a car).

    so for now, lets just say that this is on hold... not dead.

  • Starting off

    Garrett03/16/2016 at 02:01 0 comments

    Ok, so to kick this off I'm going to detail what I've got currently, what I need, and what I won't be able to get due to current monetary issues :/

    Right now I have two of the four monitors I'll need for imaging surfaces, in the coming few days I'll be modifying them, removing their casings and stripping them down so they look nearly identical. After I retrieve another two, I'll repeat the process and begin working on basic framing, building a housing for the electronics and to hold the holographic projection area at a comfortable level. there are certain things I need to work out, like the retrieval of the acrylic/glass that would be the desired size.

    So right now I need almost everything to kickstart this, though the frame is relatively easy and I'm sure I'll get the design for it up soon.

    But for now here are some notes and doodles I made getting this design on paper.

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