Powerduino is an Arduino-compatable programmable smart power strip that gives you complete control of whatever you plug into it!

Targeted towards electronics enthusiasts and equipped with with WiFi, current sensing, energy monitoring, data logging, zero-crossing detection, SD card reader, LCD, buttons, as well as 6 digital/analog pins, users can control individual sockets over the internet from anywhere in the world, observe the power consumption of each socket and their electricity bills, and perhaps most importantly, perform safe mains voltage automation by programing the behavior of individual sockets based on time, current reading, energy usage, external sources, or whatever they come up with using the popular Arduino IDE(actually don't use it, use Sublime Text instead).

Simply attach a light sensor to the Powerduino and instantly turn a regular lamp into an automatic lamp that lights up when it gets dark, a thermocouple to transform a $20 mini oven into a reflow oven, have a heater turn itself off when it has used $2 of electricity, program a light dimmer right inside the power strip... All this can be done without ever taking appliances apart and being exposed to dangerous 120VAC voltage, and with the familiar Arduino experience, the possibility is only limited by the imagination of the user. What this product achieves with mains voltage automation is very similar to what Arduino itself did to microcontroller programming: It greatly simplifies what used to be a convoluted(and in this case dangerous) process, and opened something that only few could master to a much wider audience.