Milestone 1 (part 1): The Functions

A project log for Raspberry Pi 3 based workstation

Building an inexpensive (as close to free as possible) workstation based on the Raspberry Pi 3

SolenoidSolenoid 03/16/2016 at 12:540 Comments

The milestone 1 is all about properly specifying the project goals, it's quite a big task so I'll divide it in several project logs.

Using the list of needs developed for milestone 0 it is time to make the list of functions. Functions are what the project must have, be or do. We are going to divide the functions into internal (software) and external (hardware) functions. Dividing tasks to smaller bits allows to focus better and make relatively objective decisions.

List of project functions:

This list is slightly more mutable than the needs list, we are probably going to come back to it later. But this allows us to see what the project is really about.

To the functions list we can add a list of nice to have functions. This list contains more subjective things, but will only be considered when all the must have functions are satisfied and the nice to have functions shall not have any financial or time impact on the project.

List of nice to have functions:

We now have a good foundation which we use in all future decisions, this will allow to cut down drastically on the project iterations and thus time and money.