Milestone 1 (part 2): The Functional Specifications

A project log for Raspberry Pi 3 based workstation

Building an inexpensive (as close to free as possible) workstation based on the Raspberry Pi 3

SolenoidSolenoid 03/17/2016 at 13:000 Comments

The functions list is a good start and gives an excellent overview of what we want to achieve, however qualifiers like "cheap" and "robust" are not explicit enough to efficiently translate them to solutions yet. So the next task is to make the list of functional specifications. Take the functions list and add proper quantifiers or explanations as much as possible:

This is the list that might change the most during the project development. If somebody offers to transport the goods for free then we might up the weight limit, if the solution provides its own backup system in case of power loss we might even remove this function...

We are slowly approaching the final steps of the first milestone. We know our needs and what functions the project must fill and now we have quantified the quantifiable. It is finally time to start brainstorming about the possible solutions.