small easy to use Roboter

Two wheels, one ESP module, one Microcontroller and some sensors.

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Small robot. Made out just one PCB two motors and two wheels. For autonomous operation or controlled via web page. Easy to reuse for different tasks.
The robot gets controlled wireless over wifi (ESP8266). To offload some tasks there will be also a ATmega on board. This ATmega will be Arduino like programmable. The wifi connection will be also used to sent sensor data back. Sensors for temperature, air pressure and maybe humidity are planed. Beside this environmental sensors there will be also sensors for anti collision.

I will build a small two rooter from sketch. For a prototyping phase I will reuse some of my former projects. Later all electric components will be on a single PCB. The motors will be also directly mounted under this PCB.


  • ESP8266
    • Handel wifi communication
    • AP if no local wifi network available
    • host website for controlling and/or sensor data
    • Communicate to Atmega via UART.
    • if enough time: Use ESP8266 as WIfi UARTbridge to flash the ATmega
  • ATmega (probably ATmega 328p like on Arduino Nano/Uno)
    • Cotnrolls all motors and sensors.
    • Gets commnds from ESP8266 via UART
    • Sends sensor data back via UART
    • Easy to reprogram (all default functions packed into library)
  • UART-USB bridge
    • first version will definitely have an CH340 or similar on board. To program both controllers from USB. And for debugging.
    • In later versions this will be deleted or not populated with parts.


  • single cell Li-Po or LI-Ion battery.
  • Battery charging circuit on board (perhaps similar to circuit I used here: #ESP8266 (ESP-07/12) Dev Board )
  • Micro USB connector for charging (like modern phones)
  • 3.3V regulator for ESP module and sensors.
  • Motors will be run direct from the cell voltage or if higher voltage needed via step up converter.


  • Air pressure: I did work with Bosch's BMP180 before. So I will use this or a successor.
  • Humidity: Maybe SHT21 from Sensirion.
  • Temperature: Normally included in Air pressure and Humidity.
  • Anti Collision:
    • Tact switches for emergency stop
    • Ultrasonic: If there is enough time I will built a custom single transducer i2c module.
  • Infraed line follower: Basic setup with on LED and two optotransisitors.

Motors / Wheels

  • cheap DC gear motors or miniature stepper motors. Some further experimenting is needed here
  • If DC Motors I will reuse #DRV8836 Breakout (for prototyping, later only the same IC)
  • small LEGO wheels (I did found a nice overview here)

Additional thinks ideas

If there is enough time (or if I like it) I am thinking of some further ides to realize. This is a ongoing lists of ideas:

  • Camera support (maybe the gameboy camera) an hosting live image on webpage
  • Object recognition via camera. Maybe second camera for distance measuring.
  • Sound (Alarm tone or music playback)
  • Servo Arm
  • Some mechanism to climb or jump up steps.
  • on board display (OLED, LCD, seven segment LED or LED Matrix)

  • some old 3d model

    Alex04/15/2016 at 14:43 0 comments

    This project is quite long in my head already. Some time ago I did allready some work on PCB layout. At this time I was planing using bluetooth (HC-06 Modules). This will change now, but I will reuse parts of this old PCB-design. But I did made some nice 3d renders that time:

  • very early version

    Alex03/16/2016 at 14:01 4 comments

    I did built up this little robot (see image below). Mainly for testing whether the motors and the ESP8266 did not disturb each other. I did also started to do some of the HTML coding for simple webpage to control the robot. Driving forward does also work already. But I am not familiar with HTML and java script . I hope this will change during further progress on this project.

    As you can see its one of my #ESP8266 (ESP-07/12) Dev Board (rev2.0) With a LIPo. The #DRV8836 Breakout wired up at the top.

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deʃhipu wrote 04/15/2016 at 17:06 point

If you are looking for smaller caster wheels, then Pololu has some nice ones:

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