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A project log for High Speed Candy Sorting Machine

Sorting candy by color, as fast as possible

Fabien-ChouteauFabien-Chouteau 08/01/2016 at 19:320 Comments

I got my laser cut frame in the mail!. It's beautiful, all the parts fit together... but the main channel is too small... That's not a big problem, I will just use smaller candy!

Now, the main idea in this project is to eject the candy from the main channel into a dedicated bin depending on their color, and doing it with compressed air. Let's see if it works:

As you can see it doesn't work very well. It seems like the pressure is not high enough to change the course of the candy. Maybe my compressor is not powerful enough (I get ~4 bars or ~60psi) or maybe it's the solenoid valves that drop the pressure. As shown at the end of the video, rolling the candy down a slope, instead of dropping them free fall, works a little better.

Anyway, I will carry on with the next part of this project which is the dispenser. It's the part that will extract one candy at a time from a bin where all the candy are stored.