Damaged Ears Alerts & Forecasts (D.E.A.F.)

Hearing is a precious thing, easily lost. Imagine an array of sensors through your house that alerted you via an app when things got loud.

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Your hearing is a delicate thing, and easily lost, take a look at this chart below.

85db - 8 Hours
88db - 4 Hours
91db - 2 Hours
94db - 1 Hour
97db - 30 Minutes
100db - 15 Minutes
103db - 7.5 Minutes
106db - 3.75 Minutes
109db - 1.875 Minutes
112db - 0.9375 Minutes
115db - 0.46875 Minutes

Fair enough you say, but it's not like you're going to walk around with an SPL Meter is it.

That's where this project comes in.

Imagine a little box (like a smoke alarm for your hearing) on the roof of every room, monitoring the noise levels for you.

The kids crank the music to loud, your phone buzzes to let you know at that level permanent hearing loss will happen in 2 hours. Or you decide to bake your heart out and run every appliance in your kitchen, blissfully unaware of how much noise you're really making. A handy ding on your phone let's you know to turn the blender off.

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