There is no reason that music playback should require a combination of two devices (a music storage device and a speaker). Currently, a portable speaker becomes useless if it is not connected to a mobile device.

This build should end with a speaker that plays the user's saved music at the press of a button. All aspects of music selection and control should be controllable from buttons on the speaker. It should also be extremely simple to use, even for drunk party people.

Methods for uploading music:

1: Via mobile device

- If a user has a mobile device, they should be able to upload over bluetooth, or insert a microSD card into their device and upload music to it through a mobile application (mobile application is used instead of raw file upload to keep music organized in a way that the physical interface on the speaker is designed to navigate. For example, A playlist for each button on the speaker) and then plug that sd card into the speaker.

2: Via desktop application

- If a user does not have a mobile device with a microSD slot, they should be able to upload music to the speaker through a USB connection to their desktop/laptop computer. If uploading this way, the user would first need to make sure the sd card is plugged into the speaker before uploading music (there should be a prompt for this in the desktop application).

Mockups version 0.1 of mobile application:

Questions to be answered (feel free to give suggestions on these):

- Should each playlist have an assigned button on the speaker that plays it (which requires a limit for maximum number of playlists), or should there be buttons to scroll through and select from many playlists?

- Should only a speaker's owner be able to access that speaker's music upload interface? If anybody can access it, should people have private ownership of editing playlists they have uploaded?