This project was made in collaboration with High School robotics Team 5209: Rectify as a way of getting young minds interested in the world of STEM and electronics. With relatively few components, and a user-friendly design, we allow newcomers to the world of electronics be able to assemble and program a device they can proudly (and brightly!) show off to the rest of the world. We made the board Arduino-compatible by using the Adafruit Pro Trinket as our onboard microcontroller because it would allow those with less programming capability to use the absolutely huge amount of support the Arduino system has. This allows novice programmers to make complex RGB animations with minimal learning curve.

Above are some of the students of Team Rectify at the 2016 FIRST Robotics San Diego Regional with their new robot Warrior.

Me at the 2015 San Diego Maker Faire wearing a Tinker Tie in front of a giant robot.