The Fun part

A project log for ESP8266 board

Small board with MCP1640, LD117AD and MCP73831. Main use as standalone board for ESP8266.

georgeGeorge 03/18/2016 at 08:160 Comments

Design was done in Eagle CAD and transferred to PCB via photosensitive film, etched and soldered. And now comes the "fun"part. It does not work.

when you connect lipo battery (4V~) to BAT connector, output from TPS61200 (connector 3.3V/ pads for ESP) is 6.01V (?!). Datasheet say that it can do MAX 5.5V (?!). But if you connect AA battery (1.2~V), the output is 3.3V. It seems like the booster mode works right, but the buck mode is somehow broken.

Any idea what might be wrong ?