• Browser-based interface allows up to 4 simultaneous user web connections per KiwiSDR.
  • Each connection tunes an independent receiver channel over the entire spectrum.
  • Waterfall display tunes independently of audio and includes zooming and panning.
  • 100% Open Source / Open Hardware / Open PCB.
  • Extra attention paid to VLF/LF performance.
  • Automatic frequency calibration via received GPS timing.
  • Easy hardware and software setup.
  • Browser-based configuration interface.


  • Compatible with BeagleBone Black/Green cape specification.
  • Multi-channel, parallel DDC design using bit-width optimized CIC filters.
  • Linear Technology 14-bit, 65 MHz ADC.
  • Xilinx Artix-7 A35 FPGA, programmed from the Beagle.
  • Integrated 12-channel software-defined GPS receiver.
  • Skyworks SE4150L GPS front-end.


  • Web interface based on OpenWebRX from András Retzler, HA7ILM.
  • Integrated software-defined GPS receiver from Andrew Holme's Homemade GPS Receiver.
  • Simple build environment. Recompiles on Beagle from clean in two minutes.
  • Beagle server-side written in C/C++, Javascript on the browser, Verilog for the FPGA.
  • Automatically starts when the Beagle (re)boots.
  • Optional automatic software updates over the network.
  • Configuration and admin settings accessed through browser interface or text files.
  • ADPCM audio and waterfall compression to minimize required network bandwidth.
  • All sources are on Github.