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A project log for SmartAlarm

An addon to all 9V battery fire alarms that sends the alarm and battery status to phones by Bluetooth. The phone then rings or sends a SMS.

Johan WestlundJohan Westlund 03/18/2016 at 18:050 Comments

I haven't looked at devices with propriety mesh protocols as I want it to be open and therefore devices that can be upgraded to the standard when it comes is a big plus. I have also been looking more for dual protocol chips so I don't lock my self to Bluetooth in case integration with home automation is needed where ZigBee has had more time to grow.

Manufacturer ModelPriceAvg. powerConnectivityADCARCHComment
TICC2650~$2.706.8µA(based on 2540)BLE, 802.15.4>5x12bit ARM M3+M0 for the communication Good support, probably BLE mesh in the future, Supports Over-the-Air updates, cheap dev kits
Nordic SemiconductornRF51822~$2.315.6µABLE8x10bitARM M0
NXPKW40Z~$2.06BLE, 802.15.41x16bit?ARM M0I like this one as well, but it have been hard to find information and the dev kits are a lot more expensiver


For now the CC2650 looks hard to beat because of the more DIY approach and a lot of support and that from what I have found the only one that will work out of the box without additional ADC and compactors(I want the device to wake up in case of an alarm). This have been a half day research so if there is other SOCs and solutions, feel free to share. :)