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A project log for Etch-a-CNC

An etch a sketch type controller for CNC machinery

ljlj 05/02/2014 at 21:170 Comments

I started building this and documenting it on a blog, but then saw this platform which might be easier to share/display on.  I'll be double booking my entries between the blog and here, with the blog getting updated first most likely.  So far I have my initial design done and the code functioning.  moving the dials moves the CNC head.  I'll be adding in more features as time permits.  so far I have a processing sketch that draws the same coordinates on the computer screen so you can visualise the motion on the screen as well as seeing the CNC carry out the same commands.  I'll be attempting to shove the electronics into an actual etch a sketch toy for authentic feel.  I'll be attempting to cram in a small display in place of the drawing surface as well to add in more realism to the build.  I'll be attempting to incorporate an accelerometer to allow turn upside down to reset functionality.  And finally I'll be attempting to add in some automated paper handling to hand the user the completed drawing when they reset the display.  That last one is a stretch goal and we'll see how close I can get to it.