We are designing a solar water pump monitoring system. This system will give us all the necessary data to evaluate the function of solar pumping water wells. We can evaluate this data to determine if the well system is not only functioning, but we can also find trends of potential pump failure, battery failure, etc. We can provide necessary support to make sure the pump is being maintained and is working properly from half-a-world away. An added bonus is that we can track the amount of clean, life-giving water that is being pumped and distributed to those we seek to help. This data can be posted to our website (in real time), as well as other social media outlets. This gives visibility to our donors who seek to make wise investments in support of those who make a difference in this world. They can see that their money is making an ongoing relief to the plight of many.

The design has these components:

  • Solar Panels (200 Watts)
  • Deep Cycle Solar Battery System
  • Submersible Water Pump
  • Solar / Pump Controller Circuitry
  • Flow Meter(s)
  • Voltage and Current Meters (Pump and Battery)
  • Temperatures
  • Light Sensors
  • Water Level Sensors
  • Arduino® Microprocessor(s)
  • GSM Cell Data Shield(s)
  • Satellite Messenger System(s)