Automated, smart trash can to separate recyclables from landfill waste

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Deciding what is truly trash and what is recyclable is far from humanly intuitive. Rules change from municipality to municipality, and new regulations are frequently introduced. People become confused, and as a result trash is not properly sorted. Waste management remains the one process that corporations cannot measure or effectively segregate. The burden of recycling is placed on individuals, and it is difficult for busy people to get educated and keep up with the changing regulations. Meanwhile, our landfills are approaching capacity.

Our company, CleanRobotics, is developing robots to address this problem by facilitating dynamic and automated recycling. Our first and flagship product, TrashBot, is a “smart” trash can that combines next-generation robotics and sensor technology capable of differentiating recyclables from non-recyclable material. Simply place your garbage in a Trashbot and walk away. TrashBot automatically sorts recyclables such as metals, plastics f

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