Reading Serial Data in UptimeTask

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Internet-of-things with CC3200 development board or my new wireless Thingamajiggy.

romanRoman 06/10/2016 at 15:460 Comments

Function main has a couple of main threads:

  1. ExositeTask
  2. UptimeTask
  3. AccSampleTask

I have changed task priorities for UptimeTask and AccSampleTask. UptimeTask has now a higher priority. I decided to use UptimeTask to read my UART port:

static void UptimeTask( void *pvParameters )
	char c = 0;
		c = MAP_UARTCharGetNonBlocking(CONSOLE);        // Get a single character
		if (c != 0){
			UART_PRINT("\n\r\rExecuting UptimeTask Enter a string and press enter\n\r\r");
//....A bunch of commented out junk

See updated files on the Github. What I am hoping to achieve is to connect serial port of the CC3200 to my #Multimeter + Multimeter+ serial expansion port and start transmitting data through the WiFi. It might take some time though.