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A project log for C2-1 "NOMAD"

A Roomba based research for artistic expression

Aaron MillerAaron Miller 03/19/2016 at 15:350 Comments

last night i was able to (after many hours of searching" power the robot on with a key command using SERIAL,

i haven't had any luck with python, and I'm not sure if jade or turtle bot will work with my mac. I'm exhausted but i figure ill put in a few hours of study. yay for the self educated!

i realize there is a lot i still need to learn about basic code, and unfortunately i haven't been able to find a good source of educational code resources online.

please share any recommendations! basically i would like to learn how to drive a tethered robot using python and a mac computer with a serial to usb cable. so far I've only had any luck using a program called SERIAL which does not need additional drivers.

I'm actually quite stumped with python at this moment.