all REQUIREMENTS fullfilled?

A project log for automatic BOOKSCANNER for Ethiopia

Design of a 500 Euro automatic BOOKSCANNER which can be build without expensive or complicated equipment or skills.

Karsten FuhstKarsten Fuhst 04/07/2016 at 20:390 Comments

The requirements were: to design a BOOKSCANNER which

  1. turn pages automaticly
  2. can scan books up to DIN A4 size
  3. has low material cost (no exact number defined – we had less than 1000 Euro in mind)
  4. does not require special materials
  5. does not require special machines or equipment
  6. can be build and maintained in Ethiopia

Automatic bookscanners are already available on the market. Comercial bookscanners can easily cost more than 50.000 Euro. Also plans for DIY bookscanners are available but this 1000 USD machines require that the pages are turned manually by the operator.

Even the concept on which our bookscanner is based was build in about five versions. The original concept was invented by Dany Qumsiyeh in August 2013.

But those designs are based on sheet metal which we want to avoid because of the required equipment.

We decided to design our own bookscanner based on Danys concept.

We were able to fullfill all of our given requirements.

No. 1: The mäqädat BOCKSCANNER can scan the book automaticly.

No. 2: The limitation is the size of the scan sensor bar which is bigger as A4 format.

No. 3: The estimated material cost are 500 Euros.

No. 4: All materials can be ordered with short lead times. Some parts need to be 3D printed.

No. 5: The acrylic sheets can be cut with a laser cutter but they also can be manufactured with a saw.

No. 6: This is not prooved so far, but we discussed the design and chosen materials with people from Ethiopia. A major portion from the bill of materials is not manufactured in Ethiopia but also not in Germany or the US. Electronic components, motors or aluminium profiles are often manufactured in China and they can be imported to Ethiopia as well.