Why did we drag the BOOKSCANNER into the Hackaday Prize?

A project log for automatic BOOKSCANNER for Ethiopia

Design of a 500 Euro automatic BOOKSCANNER which can be build without expensive or complicated equipment or skills.

Karsten FuhstKarsten Fuhst 04/15/2016 at 21:060 Comments

Money! Its about the money :)

Our plan is to organize a workshop in the Fab Lab of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia with people from different university libraries till end of this year.

The people who want to use those the BOOKSCANNER need to build them by themselves to assure that they can maintain, repair or even improve them.

To make that happen we need some money of course for the flights and shipping the required material and of course some material to play with.

As the project is financed only by donations and the membership fees of our small organization 'mäqädat - Bildung ohne Grenzen e.V.' some extra money from winning such a contest with so many impressive ideas and builds would be quite helpful.

And of course we would like to use this opportunity to tell you all about our idea to design an automatic BOOKSCANNER for Ethiopia.

In case we will win any money it is guaranteed that it will be used within the BOOKSCANNER project by 100 percent!

And now it is time to donate us a LIKE :)