More advanced concepts in computer vision

A project log for Automated Elephant-detection system

Real-time machine-vision based detection of elephants in rural areas: providing warnings to locals and thus prevent human-elephant conflict

Neil K. SheridanNeil K. Sheridan 04/22/2016 at 14:500 Comments

More advanced work on computer vision for animal identification, presented in the paper 'Automated identification of animal species in camera trap images' could perhaps be adapted for elephant detection.

In the method outlined in this paper, we have a flow of:

1. Animal images cropped out of background (overcoming cluttered background problems)

2. Sparse coding spatial pyramid matching (ScSPM) extracts dense SIFT (Scale-invariant feature transform) descriptor and cell-structed local binary patterns (cLBP) as the local features

3. Generation of global feature via weighted sparse coding and max pooling using multi-scale pyramid kernal

4. Classify images using a linear support vector machine algorithm