TIG welder update

A project log for Mercedes Benz L319 restauration

research shows, that the world will propably run out of petrol before this van is back on the road. That is why it runs on bio diesel.

rawerawe 04/26/2015 at 15:550 Comments

The hose package of my "new" ESS TIG welder gives electric shocks and the trigger makes bad contact, which leads to the power relais flapping around and the circuit braker triggering.Initial state after removing the tape which held it together: Damaged insulation, bad solder joints, missing insulation/hose too short. Previous owner: electronics engineer and prof. welder !?

After shortening the inner conductor (open crimp connection, cut away a few centimeters re-crimp):

Switch reattached (original solder joints were broken, insulation damaged; note additional rubber protection):

New tape applied:

The "Welding Basics & How-To TIG Weld - Livestream" video (two parts) from Eastwood Company is a nice intro (1h) into basic TIG welding:

The biggest (kinda idiotic) issue was to "find" the switch which enables the local current setting pot on the welder - d'oh! Enlightenment ;)

(yes, next time long sleeves/lab coat)

First impession: Yep, TIG welding enables precise control of heat input/location and welding pool. This is an improvement (precision-wise) over MIG/MAG. Great :)

To try out the TIG welder (never used one until now), I created a small cube out of two U shaped 1mm thick 3x9cm strips of metal: