getting the rear axle out

A project log for Mercedes Benz L319 restauration

research shows, that the world will propably run out of petrol before this van is back on the road. That is why it runs on bio diesel.

rawerawe 05/02/2014 at 21:410 Comments

The following image shows one of the locations which are damaged by rust. We need to replace parts of the outer skin and support structure.

To get better access to these locations, and wait with this until the welding and metal work skills got better, we decided to get the rear axle out.

The rear axle is mounted on flat springs. There are 16 screws which mount them to the chassis and two dampeners. The dive shaft and break needs to be disconnected, too.

We used a moveable car lifter to support the differential and move the rear axle around.

We had to saw off a part of the exhaust pipe, because some genious screwed and welded it together instead of just screwing it. D'oh!

Over an hour of maneuvering later... Success:

Hover-Van, Hover-Van,
Does whatever a Hover-Van does.
Can he swing from a web?
No, he can't, he's a van,
Look out, he is a Hover-Van!