Installing Big Data (Hadoop) on a Small Nodes Cluster

A project log for Raspberry Pi 2/3 and Odroid XU4 5x compact cluster

Design for compact cluster and case that can be used for housing up to 5x Raspberry Pi2, Pi3 or Odroid XU4 (SoC) computer nodes.

JovanJovan 10/20/2016 at 23:130 Comments

Although you can find on web lot of good guides for Big Data installation on Raspberry Pi, for Odroid XU4 was little different. I honestly can recommend one very good web-guide for Odroid XU4 Big Data implementation. In link below you can find more on how to install Hadoop (including Apache Spark) on (our) Odroid XU4 Cluster, same procedure can be in great extent reproduced on Raspberry Pi thought :)

Installing Hadoop onto an ODROID XU4 Cluster