Quantity   Component name
5 × Raspberry Pi 3 SoC computer 3th generation 4x core ARM A53 CPU
5 × Raspberry Pi 2 (optional) SoC computer 2nd generation B+ format, 4x core ARM A7 CPU
1 × Standard PC power supply PC ATX PSU 250-450W if posible with Silver efficiency
1 × Plexiglass laser cuted box elements I post design files for cutter
5 × Micro SD cards min 32GB For better hendling of random write tasks I sugest Samsung EVO UHC1/C10 as a starter.
5 × Odroid XU4 (optional) Odroid SoC with 8 core A15 Samsung Ex5422 CPU... 5x faster then RoPi'slike expe
5 × 1000uF 10V small Electrolitic capacitor for RoPi mod. ,
5 × Set of Raspberry PI coolers Try to find sets with 2 big and 1 smoll aluminium coolers