• Project Resumption

    Craig Hissett02/16/2018 at 14:18 0 comments

    I'm going to eb hopefully getting my teeth back into this project after a while on the shelf.

    One thing I was dubious on was how to handle the shutting down of the Pi safely when the car is switched off without causing corruption in the filesystem.

    One method I am interested in is making the filesystem read only; If i can setup a read only system nothing will need to be saved during a shitdown sequence and will therefore protect it during sudden powerless.

    I've recently set up a bank of Raspberry Pi A+ boards at work to handle playing videos on our foyer screens in our buildings and I am using MP4Museum to do so.

    This has nailed the read only filesystem, so would love to build something like this for my project.

  • Pi Power Management

    Craig Hissett01/10/2017 at 10:24 0 comments

    Just a quick post to share this link that uses an USB Powerbank as a UPS-style system, using a network switch to simulate the power outage (when the power is cut to the Pi and the Network switch the network connection goes down and the Pi detects it).

    I could modify this to trigger a safe shutdown when the car is switched off. If there's a way to do it without the network switch that would be bloody marvellous!


  • Settled: RuneAudio

    Craig Hissett01/06/2017 at 23:25 2 comments

    So... I've finally settled on what I'm going to do with this.

    I've recently made a music player for my partner as a little home made Christmas present. It's great; runs RuneAudio, has a memory stick full of her favourite albums, has Airplay receiver capabilities, and is generally a great little system.

    I'd like to add that to my car; the only thing to sort out now is how to power it and switch it on/off with the car's ignition.


  • Hmmmm.... Kodi?

    Craig Hissett06/15/2016 at 22:29 0 comments

    I have been thinking and rethinking my approach to this project for quite some time. I had always thought about using a Pi for it, as it is what I am used to playing around with, can have Bluetooth/WiFi added, could be hidden in the glove box etc.

    While that may still be the long term goal I'm thinking about trying a somewhat different aoproach to get a simple system up and running...

    I was was recently updating our media devices at home (one Android box and two Amazon Firesticks); we use Kodi, with the Paradox wizard install. Whilst looking through the builds I noticed that there was now a 'Music Build'. The description said it was tailored for in-car and audio streaming etc.

    I stuck it on my phone and had a look at it; it seems great, has plenty of music add-ons, but is dependent on a WiFi connection.

    It was at this point I started pondering... What if I use this approach? I could get an old handset, add a beefy microSD card for storing music, set it as a hotspot (to allow other devices to connect to it), and enable Airplay and the web interfaces to allow control from the passengers.

    I could even go as far as adding a scheduler app to run Kodi on startup and turn the phone on/off when power is applied to the phone (by the car being started).


  • Pi Zero Airplay Receiver

    Craig Hissett04/18/2016 at 15:51 0 comments
  • Pi Power: Safe shutdown

    Craig Hissett03/31/2016 at 16:26 0 comments

    • Power Antenna (yellow wire) - has power when radio is switched on (regardless of ignition state)
    • Relay connected between Pi and power source
    • Monitor PA to determine state of relay; If power to PA, then close relay (Pi on), otherwise open relay (Pi off).
    • Monitoring PA state will allow for a software shutdown to be triggered before opening the relay

    So - need to investigate what to use to monitor the state of the power antenna!

  • Arduino Controller

    Craig Hissett03/31/2016 at 16:07 2 comments

    While CAN Bus control for my project is nothing but a pipedream at the moment, I need a way to control my Pi and display feedback.

    @Arsenijs has a great project (#pyLCI - Linux Control Interface) that uses a 16x2 screen and a few buttons to command and control the Pi via i2c. Arsenijs has said that it still requires some work, so I have decided to make a simple arduino controller as a stop-gap

    Using an Arduino Mega and an lcd/button shield I will make a simple little menu to essentially send serial commands to the Pi; a Python script on the other side will interpret the sent commands and act accordingly. This simple approach should let me get my Pi functioning somehow :-)

  • Surely not!

    Craig Hissett03/31/2016 at 00:59 0 comments


    This little fiend exists on Aliexpress. It is a few dollars/pounds, and I can't see any reason why it shouldn't work with a Pi.

    I always thought CAN bus communication would be expensive, but if I can get this to work, then it's game on!

    Ideally I would like a Beastie that interfaces to the pi via i2c or serial as they are methods that I use most, but beggars can't be choosers at this price!

  • Reconnaissance

    Craig Hissett03/23/2016 at 22:06 0 comments

    I have added some links under the heading of 'Reference'.

    These links are some existing projects that I have found after a bit of digging - both feature the Bluetooth and airplay features I am hoping to conquered, so a great starting point for me.

    Then I just need to master how to integrate the CAN bus reading :)

  • Head Unit Pinout

    Craig Hissett03/21/2016 at 12:41 0 comments

    This Adaptor is available to do some of what I would like to do with my project.

    It connects to the head unit via the changer port too:

    A quick google search shows the following Pin out for the back of my head unit, port C being the D Changer port:

    I'm assuming the cable I currently use makes use of a ground pin and two of the low level input pins.

    It's good to see a 12v pin on the changer port - with a regulator I'll be able to power my pi without needing to route anything on the front, meaning I can have a nice clean install!

    There's also some Bus pins and some Remote control pins. Some investigation will be needed to see what i can do with those!