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Bringing Bluetooth/wifi streaming and USB/SD Card music to my auld car via the head unit's CD Changer port

Craig HissettCraig Hissett 02/16/2018 at 14:180 Comments

I'm going to eb hopefully getting my teeth back into this project after a while on the shelf.

One thing I was dubious on was how to handle the shutting down of the Pi safely when the car is switched off without causing corruption in the filesystem.

One method I am interested in is making the filesystem read only; If i can setup a read only system nothing will need to be saved during a shitdown sequence and will therefore protect it during sudden powerless.

I've recently set up a bank of Raspberry Pi A+ boards at work to handle playing videos on our foyer screens in our buildings and I am using MP4Museum to do so.

This has nailed the read only filesystem, so would love to build something like this for my project.