• Just a quick update

    ThunderSqueak11/29/2014 at 07:43 7 comments

    I am still actively working on this project, and I found another alternative to the Vishay part, the pin compatible MAXIM DG403. MAXIM were also kind enough to release libraries for use in my CAD software of choice. As soon as finals are over I will take some time and get the ALU pcb designed, etched, and populated :)

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions and support! :)



  • Some of the parts are received :D

    ThunderSqueak10/22/2014 at 01:55 0 comments

    A pile of parts I ordered finally came in! I now have some design choices to make, such as do I want to just hand wire this or should I make a proper PCB ... then if I do that, should I order it or etch it myself? Decisions Decision....

    Here is a shot of some of the ICs that I am going to be using in the build.

    I know I am a bit old fashioned, but there is just something fun and nostalgic for me when working with through hole components ^^;;




  • Possible Instruction Set

    ThunderSqueak10/14/2014 at 22:04 9 comments

    While waiting for components to arrive, I have been doing some late night musing as to what functions I wish to implement into the CPU.

    This is the list so far of opcodes, 0 through 13 (000 to +++), that I have been considering.

    I want to attempt to keep the list down to 14 instructions, and am open to suggestions as to what should be removed from this list and have something more useful added in its place. LD and ST may be simplified to a MOV command freeing up one of the "slots".

    This gives me a bit of a goal while doing the design, making the idea that much more concrete.

    Another decision that has to be made is how many trits wide I want to make the system bus. The current thought is to make it 6, this is mostly due to cost of components on a hobby project :) The first 3 will be used for the opcode, the second set of 3 will be for the address that will be used.

    Now to get back to calculus homework ^^;;