Construction of the ALU

A project log for Base 3 -Ternary Computer from scratch.

Yes - No - Maybe? The goal is to completely step away from the normal binary system and investigate alternative computing systems.

thundersqueakThunderSqueak 10/10/2014 at 06:250 Comments

After doing the presentation at the HaD 10th anniversary convention I have been inspired to finish this project.

Parts sufficient to construct the ALU have been placed on order, I am going to be working with the vishay DG403 chip, and plan on building it in such a way that I will probably end up with a hybrid ternary/binary cpu.

I have removed the kleene logic table as it seems to confuse people in that it is more of a philosophical thing as apposed to a pure logic meant for use in a CPU ^^;;

The logic tables for doing math are as follows,

The chip in question appears to almost be ideal for the situation,

In other news, I have been toying with the idea of playing around with magnetic core memory, the final plan will most likely to use a transistor based memory system, however sometimes it is fun to look at older tech.

More to come after I receive the components and begin a proper build! :D

Thanks everyone for your support!

Now back to studying for midterms.... the joys of going back to school :)