Waiting for parts and some random testing

A project log for Base 3 -Ternary Computer from scratch.

Yes - No - Maybe? The goal is to completely step away from the normal binary system and investigate alternative computing systems.

ThunderSqueakThunderSqueak 05/13/2014 at 03:140 Comments

While waiting for parts to arrive I decided to do some random testing on my ipad in a little program called iCircuit.  It is easy to use and lets you basically lay out subcircuits and create your own ICs.  I do wish it had a larger parts library, but for what I was doing it was fine :)

I made various gates and added input, voltage, and output pins to each as needed then started doing little test scenarios.  Below is a test of one of the circuits.  I just hope it all works as easily when I use the real components that I ordered.

I just set the voltage to 6 volts to account for internal loss, I know it says 6.1 but using a slider on an ipad isn't an exact thing. ;)

Still, the basic building blocks all check out.  

In other news, I have been deciding on a form factor for the new computer design.  Most likely I will be going with stacked boards and spacers between them with a bus connecting each board.