The concept I have in mind is a base device and a wireless pendant worn by the person. The pendant will communicate with the base when pushed, it needs to have a range of 400-600ft to be on the same level as existing medical alert systems. The pendant will take a standard coin cell battery NOT a rechargeable battery. I don't want the user to be without the pendant at anytime so recharging a battery it out of the question.

The base is the biggest undertaking and the heart of the system. It needs to meet a number of criteria.

  • Must Have Battery Backup
  • Use Internet and Cell service to make calls and send text messages
  • Needs to be easily configurable
  • Most important RELIABLE

The current way I envision the system working is that you first configure it online like a router. This configuration will include entering your Name, Address, Medical History, Current Medications, Allergies, People to call, and more. The system will use a voice recording or text to speech when making calls to emergency personnel and family.

This is only the basic concept I have thought of as of now but it will be continually changed along the way as better ideas come along. The system does have drawbacks compared to current systems. There is no communication with emergency services or family only pre-created message (voice and text) containing pertinent information. This system is not going to work in that way thus reducing cost substantially but providing some piece of mind and comfort that someone will come when that button is pushed.

Keep an eye out prototyping will commence soon!