Visualising Mesh

A project log for MeshPoint - wifi router for humanitarian crisis

Autonomous, smart, wifi mesh router which is easy to use by humanitarian NGO first responders during humanitarian or natural disasters.

Goran MahovlicGoran Mahovlic 07/31/2017 at 19:440 Comments

In Radiona / Zagreb Makerspace we always need wireless for our project so we often use more then one router on events and some time we are setting up mesh network. There are always questions what mesh is and how does it work. So in one project that we realized through the Clubture network program for 2016 we decided to visualize mesh network.

We have prepared 5 routers with openwrt, Croduino ( and 5 lasers. We wrote simple arduino sketch that starts lasers with serial messages. And we got first light :)



At router we wrote small script that takes data from babel and sends serial message to arduino to start or stop lasers...

And finally mesh visualizing