Cheap WIFI Sensors for Anything*

Design and create a sensor and software that anyone could build for $5.

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Do you want a sensor at every door, window and room? We do, but not at todays prizes.

We want to be able to measure every part of our surrounding and to be able to that we need to have simple and cheap sensors that communicate wireless. Looking at the alternatives it's hard to find a platform that can handle a wide range of sensor types and we can afford to buy a lot of.

Therefore have we started developing a cheap platform based on ESP8622 that can handle anything from digital sensors (buttons, magnetic door switches etc) to 1-wire (temperature, humidity etc).
This includes both a versatile hardware platform and software both for the sensor platform and for the server.

The server software is currently only self hosted but we see advantages for supporting the dashboard as a service in the cloud for people who don't want to host themselves.

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agp.cooper wrote 09/20/2016 at 08:23 point

I have played with Bluetooth and found it temperamental. 
Windows needs you to go through a "ritual" to connect.
WiFi and a webpage are a dream relatively.
My 2 cents worth, AlanX

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Kevin Kessler wrote 03/23/2016 at 17:52 point

The big problem I see with an ESP8266 based sensor on every door and window, is the power consumption; they will all have to be plugged in because WiFi is so expensive in terms of electrons.  I'm starting to work with the NRF51822 modules to try to do basically the same thing using Bluetooth LE so I can run a sensor like you describe off a coin cell.

I also might suggest not creating another IOT Cloud, but integrating with an existing one.  I created a WiFi clock based on an ESP8266 ESP-12, which used MQTT to talk to a Raspberry Pi running Node Red, but you could look at OpenHAB, or even SmartThings or HomeLink.

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Anders Green wrote 09/19/2016 at 06:31 point

Yes, power is a problem. The current prototype uses 12F instead with deep sleep. Depending on how often you expect it to report the temperatures it need bigger or smaller batteries :)

For the door/window use-case the plan is to hook it up so that it's in deep sleep until the state of the sensor changes.

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