Just Because I Build Ugly, Doesn't Mean You Should, Too

A project log for Beehive Monitoring, Now With WiFi

Using a WeMos ESP8266 D1 Mini and DHT22 Shield to monitor beehive temperature and humidity

Don R-CrenshawDon R-Crenshaw 08/30/2016 at 22:110 Comments

For those interested, here's a Fritzing approximating my build. It doesn't show all the back-of-the-board solder connections or the twin rows of headers for mounting the breakout board. It also shows 5x2pin screw terminal blocks for the DHT22s instead of the 3x3pin terminal blocks I really used.

The voltage divider upper right is wired in series on the underside of the board as is just about everything wired in parallel.

Here's a schematic showing how simple it really is. My Fritzing-fu is weak but I think it's readable.

The code is the more interesting part of this but that's for a different log entry.