Abstruse Goose is a webcomic series that, like XKCD and SMBC often involves science related topics. One of the comics I liked in particular, where a simple pencil-drawing of the world is given as seen by 'normal people', complemented by a 'scientists view': The same mountains, river and bunny, but decorated with all equations that govern the physics making the world go round (quite literally actually). As a physicist myself, I can confirm that this is indeed how I see the world.

The aim of this project is to capture exactly that feeling in a concrete painting. It consists of two pieces:

1. For the 'Normal' view I will have to address the best of my artistic capabilities and try to redraw the scene with a black marker on a white canvas.

2. The 'Scientists' view will be drawn using 'invisible ink' UV markers. The backside of the canvas will be lighted with WS2801 controlled UV-leds, so that every now and then the real world can be revealed.

The work portrayed here is used under the Creative Commons licence