Adjusting to the times

A project log for Power Pack: Diversifying the Automobile

Powering the future is about diversifying our energy sources, including the vehicles that power or lives.

james-neeJames Nee 04/25/2016 at 21:070 Comments

I know that the submission deadline has passed so this log won't be seen, but this point is so important I just had to write it now!

As a big proponent of electric vehicles I love reading about the industry and what's happening, and one of the big stories now is the rising cost of lithium and the implications it can and probably will have on the industry as a whole.

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While electric vehicles themselves are clean, the processes to mine, extract, and purify the elements that go into build lithium batteries, currently the standard for powering millions of electronic devices, is incredibly damaging to the environment. It may be possible for these processes to be less detrimental, but for now it is not.

This is why I believe diversity is so important. It is possible for users to have the ability to choose to use a the most pragmatic energy source for their situation and not be at the mercy of market fluctuations or dependent on next generation technology. For now it very well be that the most sensible fuel to use is some form of oil, but the hope is that as the arms race for better, denser, cheaper batteries accelerates everyone will be able to benefit.