• Parts arrival and assembly

    Tyler Ward (Scorpia)05/05/2016 at 16:04 0 comments

    All of the components as well as the PCB's and case acrylic have now arrived. meaning the board can now be assembled. Wasn't a hard board to assemble but does need a soldering iron with a large tip so that there is enough thermal mass to make the joint before heating up to much of the board.

    Pile of comonents

    The first test cut of the housing was successful, will add some laser engraving to the final version to mark maximum ratings and other important information. Ill put the cutter and cad files up when I have done this for anyone who wants to make one.

    Unit in its housing

  • Initial designs completed

    Tyler Ward (Scorpia)03/26/2016 at 20:34 0 comments

    The initial designs have been completed and the electronics parts and PCB's have been ordered. The PCB can be seen below, not a complicated affair just lots of copper pours to take the current. Now need to wait for the boards to be made and for everything to arrive.