Eurorack based modular synthesizer

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Modules and system integration for a modular synthesizer based on the Eurorack standards. The goal is to create reasonably decent modules which are inexpensive and easy enough for a novice to intermediate hardware hacker to design and build. (Minimal SMD, mistake tolerant designs, etc.)

Notional module numbering scheme:

VW1xx - power and utility modules (such as splitters, attenuators, monitors, scopes, etc.)

  • VW101 - linear supply
  • VW102 - Summing mixer
  • VW103 - MIDI to CV/Gate
  • VW104 - Quad Buffer
  • VW105 - Quad Attenuverter

VW2xx - oscillators and filters (audio and LFO)

VW3xx - VCAs, envelope generators, sequencers, etc.

VW4xx - audio effects (reverb, chorus, etc.)

Gerber files for 12V -> +/-15V power supply (tested design from TI)

Zip Archive - 20.94 kB - 03/31/2016 at 15:30


  • VW-101 Linear power supply

    Trevor R.H. Clarke02/14/2018 at 19:10 0 comments

    I've ordered and I'm waiting for the first run of prototype boards for the VW-101 power module. This is a 3.5 amp three rail linear supply with a maximum 1.5 amp on each channel (total is still 3.5 amp).

    This is a pretty straightforward design using a center tap 28V transformer, 4A bridge rectifier, some bypass and smoothing caps, and three L79C series regulators.

    No board layout yet. I want to do a cursory inspection when the prototypes arrive to make sure there are no major mistakes. When it's been verified I'll post gerbers and kicad files.

  • Links and useful information

    Trevor R.H. Clarke03/23/2016 at 18:25 0 comments

    Links to useful information, ideas, etc.

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