Back-end (Django Web)

A project log for CarontePass: Open Access Control

CarontePass is an access control designed for collaborative spaces. Ideal for Hackerspaces, Makerspace, FabLabs, Hacklabs...

torehctorehc 03/24/2016 at 15:280 Comments

Today I want to show the "engine" of the project management section Django.

In it you can manage everything related to user management (personal data), user fees, the tags with which they can access the space, the table chatid of Telegram, system messages and access logs ( logs).

It also allows the creation of groups and give special permissions to users, but this for later, so that the member of a group to be allowed access to a restricted space to rest.

The database has the following structure:

Therefore when signing the Django Admin see ...

Then we will see each section separately to have more detail the operation of the system.

Devices: Devices that can be accessed. There may be several types and number per person.

System Logs: View a record with dates of inputs and outputs of users. See also allows simple so that users are in space at that time.

Messages: Topic to manage messages. These can be of various types.

When entering or leaving a user searches for a message of that type (input or ouput) and sent it by Telegram, it is a good way to surprise with the user every time you pass your tag to enter or exit.

He also writes a group of Telegram when entering the first or the last saying out if the site is closed or open.

Payments: As spaces is very crowded, usually have partners who have monthly fees. This is a way to control salt in if the user is aware of your payments.

Telegram: This table is used to store chatid providing users if they want to receive personalized messages.

In the future it will also serve to give physical access to space just write "/ open" to the bot Telergam.

Users: Personal information of usaurios. Nicks, name, email, password, etc ...