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A project log for CarontePass: Open Access Control

CarontePass is an access control designed for collaborative spaces. Ideal for Hackerspaces, Makerspace, FabLabs, Hacklabs...

torehctorehc 03/24/2016 at 16:390 Comments

La gran evolución de Telegram en apenas dos años

I edit the database by adding a table related to the user and the Chatid field that is used by Telegram to identify users.

Improved Admin to see the table Telegram and created the "message_detect_tag" class in the models to detect if the user enters or leaves the space and thus send a personalized greeting or farewell.

This message system is independent of bots Telegram to fall if continue to send these "simple" messages.
Also warns a group of Telegram when the first user (Site Open) enters or exits the last (Closed Site).

Add the Bot Telegram, programmed in python using the TelegramBotApi.

This includes Bot functions:

Can you think of a new option?