IoT Family Member Clock

A work in progress would LOVE some help!

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I'm totally new to gadgets being on the software development side but I thought I'd make a weasley clock for my father in law who's getting some dementia and is always asking where people in the family are.

There are so many resources and people on hackster using arduino, particle, pi, mbed!

I was hoping to have an analog component to the project where each family member has a servo with a clock hand which points to where they are location wise which I was going to drive with something like a PCA9685.

I was planning to have a digital component where each family member would have a small colour lcd which could display a message and picture when their location changes.

- What microcontroller/hardware setup to use to drive multiple LCDs (around 5 colour lcds at 1-2 inches in size)

- How I could make the image dynamic. i.e. I was hoping when the family member registers the first time they can supply their image over HTTP via mobile then store

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