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Work in progress: The explorad combines a microcontroller, a display, and star charts in a head-up display for astronomical telescopes.

christophChristoph 05/12/2014 at 14:240 Comments

I first used bdf fonts converted to my own proprietary binary format, but why not try something else? So I took an otf font, converted it to ttf, bdf, and then to binary. And that works indeed.

Below is a picture that shows the result quite nicely. I might pick a different font in the future, but that one seems to fit for now. You can also see some small buttons at the upper left and a CPU/RAM usage widget at the bottom of the screen.The small green board is also new, it carries an LSM303D (I²C accelerometer and magnetometer) which I will use to measure (at least) pitch and roll of the device. Yaw information might either come from the magnetometer or from optical encoders attached to the mount, I'm not sure yet.

I tried to convert the contest logo to a single-glyph font, which turned out to be harder than I thought - for two reasons:

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