Input device: Partially finished and connected, and I have a working menu

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Work in progress: The explorad combines a microcontroller, a display, and star charts in a head-up display for astronomical telescopes.

christophChristoph 06/09/2014 at 10:120 Comments

I finished the input device's enclosure yesterday to get rid of the second breadboard. It doesn't have a touch wheel yet, but it happily reads buttons and send button press events to the main device. Here's a picture of both:

Both devices are still powered over USB until the input device gets a battery added. It will then supply both, and it will contain a charger circuit. I'll add a good pair of connectors so that it can be detached from the main device for charging. Here's a closeup of the display:

In the above picture, the display is showing some icons along the top edge. It is an overlay that can be shown by pressing the center button. The two leftmost icons activate the telrad circles and the target marker. The rightmost icon has a frame drawn around it to indicate that it has focus. It is the "return" button that would close the menu again, and the other two icons are not yet functional (they will be used for the nearby objects display and a settings screen).

CPU and memory usage will of course disappear from the main screen later.