RPIKEY - Raspberry pi in keyboard

Zx spectrum / Comodore like computer = all in keyboard

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I want integrate RPI to keyboard

Simple, effective and almost beautiful

After year of searching best enclosure I found almost perfect box

Keyboard is extracted from cheap 7" tablet cover, fit exactly on top of enclosure,
is glued with double sided tape

There is lot of space for etc battery, HDD or VGA adapter

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Martian wrote 4 days ago point

Nice idea, I wanted to use a tablet case keyboard for a similar thing, that seems like a perfect fit.  A great way to enclose a Pi, even better for a DIY retro computing project using a bare metal emulator.

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danjovic wrote 4 days ago point

Cool! Have you considered using a compact USB keyboard (those without numeric keys). Some models with standard keys might have enough spare space to hold a PI Zero. 

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