• The TACPAD has evolved.

    Santiago Jose Amavisca10/31/2016 at 02:13 0 comments

    While working on the TACPAD project, I had grand ideas in mind. I outgrew the original project perimeters and soon realized that this was much bigger than just a wrist-gadget. The TACPAD project turned into a full-body system, with modular peripherals, and a lightweight version that is every bit as portable as a small backpack. I worked with my prototyping materials and discovered what works, and what needs to be changed. I started working with solutions companies on custom built systems. I spent a lot of time and money only to figure out that I couldn't cram all of these features into such a small device. (If I tried to, it would have been no different than a smartphone on your arm, which you can easily do with duct tape)

    I am now pursuing a WAY BIGGER PROJECT, with the help of some great friends! I'm talking about a mobile computing system on steroids that goes wherever you go. Tons of power, plenty of developer-friendly goodies, an intuitive open-source Linux based operating system, and best of all: Scalability.

    What I mean by that, is the new project isn't just one size, it's as big as it needs to be, it's as small as you need it to be. It's environment proof, life-proof, darn near foolproof! And best of all, its designed with the end-user in mind. That's right. I'm making sure that this is only a starting point. I'm creating a market where people just like you can design all kinds of useful add-ons to enhance the system. I lay the framework, you build it from there.

    Now, I really can't do this without you. I'm spending a lot of time and money on this mobile modular computer system, and I can only work on it at a snail's pace without your support. I'm humbly asking that you donate anything you can to help me make this dream a reality. We need this project to go viral, share it with friends and family, spam forums, get the word out to people! Projects like this make history. And history shows us, most great things are not accomplished alone. Thank you for bearing with me, even when the updates went away.

    Sincerely, Santiago Amavisca

    P.S. More updates will clear up just what I have in mind, please bear with me.

  • The Pine has shipped! Huzzah!

    Santiago Jose Amavisca06/02/2016 at 03:18 0 comments

    I'm happy to announce that the Pine64 is finally shipping after a long pre-order waiting period. I've decided that not only would a UNSC TACPAD design be very hard to make with the limitations of commercially available micro-computing, but I also believe that I can take that premise, and philosophy of use, and make it way better! I'm drafting several new designs, and exploring the limitations for heating/cooling versus ideal computing power, as well as making sure that the unit will be very durable as well as waterproof/resistant. Thanks for taking a peek at this, and make sure to share it with your tech minded friends, family, and hacker communities. Thanks, Santiago.

  • Ordering more parts and creating the positive mold.

    Santiago Jose Amavisca04/23/2016 at 20:57 0 comments

    I will soon be ordering sheets of Kydex to form the outside structure. Kydex is a thermoplastic foam that can be molded over just about anything and upon cooling, is a very strong and rigid material. It's usually used in the creation of pistol holsters. To reinforce the interior, I will be using struts made from stainless steel, which I already purchased. Making the positive wooden mold soon, stay tuned!

    Examples of Kydex projects: http://www.odellstudios.com/2012/10/custom-kydex-projects.html

    Where I prefer to buy Kydex: http://www.knifekits.com

  • Decided upon my Computer core!

    Santiago Jose Amavisca04/13/2016 at 01:05 0 comments

    I've decided based on technical specifications, power consumption, and form factor, that the Pine A64+ with Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth was the best choice.

    I've pre-ordered it for a little over forty dollars, and it's scheduled for delivery by May.

    Meanwhile I may have found somebody to write a UNSC-themed low memory OS for the Pine. If anyone still wants to work on it, drop me a line! Once I get the model to scale with my hardware, I'll upload pictures.

  • Making the Mold

    Santiago Jose Amavisca04/02/2016 at 00:39 0 comments

    Scraping together funds for the hardware. In the meantime I'm working on a mold to press the Kydex onto.