Home Automation using Raspberry Pi ( IoT )


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In this project, i have developed almost a complete and simple website for switching the home appliance through IoT.
Changes in the webpage are stored in the MySQL database. And i wouldn't go for a website, i just made my laptop as server using Xampp software
Raspberry pi checks for the database continuously, if any changes occurs then it switches the corresponding Relay switch.
When the relay triggers it turns ON/OFF the corresponding Home Appliances.

Here i made the Pi wouldn't directly contact the webpage, but both webpage and the Pi talks to each other through MySQL database.

I made this webpage with user login credentials, because if i don't then anyone can switch the appliances just if they know the link for that webpage.

I used a pic micro-controller just for a 12v DC supply to switch the Relay and there is nothing else for the need of pic micro-controller to do with this project.

Then what, try it yourself if u want. And START SWITCHING . . . !


python code for accessing MySQL databse, but before that you need to install the ' MySQL-python ' module in your Raspberry Pi

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