Trike for disabled driver

Reverse trike for disabled driver, quadriplegic, or paraplegic.

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There are trikes out there for paraplegics, based on a few different motorcycle brands, but not many for quadriplegics. To achieve a trike that any driver could drive, you would have to have the ability for power steering. A trike with a standard motorcycle front end does not have the ability for power steering in a simple manner, but a reverse trike could have a standard power steering rack, allowing those with limited strength could still drive with power assist. There are options that would allow for digital assist steering and gas and brake. The goal in this trike is to use a Harley Davidson style motor and tranny, with reverse, since it is one of the few with reverse as an actual gear in the transmission as opposed to a small electric motor used to provide reverse. I started this project a little while back, and will continue to update till it is finished.
  • 1 × DOM Steel Race Car Frame Materials
  • 1 × Harley Davidson Motorcycle Donor
  • 1 × Ramp Ramp for Disabled person to enter on

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