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A wearable, high-performance ECG device, aimed at heart patients, athletes and more

Alex LunguAlex Lungu 04/19/2016 at 12:361 Comment

Hey, guys. I've just got a set of electrodes for this thing. Quite hard to get but i've managed to get some (10). They're disgusting to wear (wet and squishy, they feel like leeches stuck to you and do a great job of waxing all available hair-ouch). But they're really good. REALLY good. I'm considering a conductive gell insert for the T-shirt, but these should do just fine for now. I'll leave you with this glorious, ruler straight, noise free ECG line

The best one we got before doesn't even come close to this.

And, considering the unfiltered ECG line bellow, this looks AMAZING


policeman0077 wrote 12/07/2017 at 00:41 point

Hi there, really amazing results. Can you also share how you filter the signal(hardware/software)? the raw signal I got from the ad8232 is exactly looks like the unfiltered signal you got. Thanks:)

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