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A wearable, high-performance ECG device, aimed at heart patients, athletes and more

Alex LunguAlex Lungu 04/22/2016 at 09:080 Comments

Hey guys,

Look what we got. Real-time data acquisition from an Oscilloscope. We got a Tek TDS2024B on loan for a couple of days. We hooked up the scope to a PC and got the scope to plot the data in almost real time on the PC. This also enabled us to get really nice data out which we'll use to process off-line. This is the resulting graph. Looks nice, right? Although it looks noisy, there's more than enough data to allow for some really hardcore filtering and signal processing. If anybody knows someone from Keysight/Tek/Teledyne who could help us with some test gear, that would be great. After all, we've done so much with so little so far.