A triple-output portable power supply

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PowerBread is a triple output switch-mode portable power supply designed to fit on a breadboard. It's compact, lightweight and versatile.

PowerBread features 3 independent sources: a SEPIC converter provides a fixed 5V or 3.3V at 1.2A while a step-up provides voltages from 5V up to 17V at 300mA máx and a Cûk converter provides a negative output ranging from -5V to -17V at 300mA máx. Both the boost and cûk output voltage can be adjusted via a potentiometer. This versatility allows the user to create various combinations which can accommodate most of the circuits used today such as:

- 5V for digital supply / 12V for motors
- 5V for digital supply / +/- 15V for OpAmps
- 3.3V for digital supply / 5V for TTL and other analog or digital circuit

PowerBread can be sourced with DC voltages up to 12V or via a USB port (current limited to 500mA when using the USB port).

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